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Klychko announced creation of electronic platform for Humanitarian headquarters

Everyone who wants to help can join the headquarters. 

Klychko announced creation of electronic platform for Humanitarian headquarters
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Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klychko announced the creation of an electronic platform for Kyiv’s Humanitarian headquarters. Everyone who wants to help can join, he said on his Facebook page

“The capital is doing everything to provide our defenders, territorial defense fighters, and Kyiv residents with help and support. We’ve resolved the issue of providing the soldiers; now we need to provide for their relatives and close ones, who have stayed at home or in the shelters. This is why the Humanitarian headquarters, which has effective experience working during the first lockdown during the pandemic, is today playing an important role. The headquarters has created an electronic platform which everyone can join with their proposals on how to help the city,” Klychko announced. 

According to him the headquarters will resolve the issues of supplies of medicine, food and basic necessities, prioritising single elderly people, people with disabilities and mothers with small children. Each Kyiv resident can choose how best to help: 

  • Medicine 
  • Food
  • Basic necessities
  • Logistical support
  • Human resources (volunteers) 

“I urge everyone who wants and can provide help to respond. We need to protect Kyiv residents and provide those who need help the most with everything they need. To raise funds, I have already addressed the large and middle-sized businesses, international organizations, Kyiv’s, and Ukraine’s foreign partners. The business has already started helping; they are sending humanitarian aid, as well as European and some Ukrainian cities,” stressed Klychko. 

Contacts of the Humanitarian headquarters and the list of the primary needs is here:

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