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A combat with occupiers going on in Sumy, Territorial Defense is stopping enemy's fuel trucks and other military vehicles

The police of Sume Region are working normally.

In Kurska Street of Sumy there is a serious combat against Russian invaders. Local Units of Territorial Defense have started to stop enemy's fuel trucks in the city. Local citizens are warned to stay away from windows, informs Sumy Region Military Administration.

Also it was informed that Sumy Territorial Defense stopped the enemy's military vehicles in Kursk Avenue.

According to witnesses, two of the invaders have already died, four were captured.

Meanwhile the Head of Sumy Region State Administration Dmytro Zhavytskyi informed that according to local authorities in some settlements at the border with Russia enemy's military vehicles are turning back to Russian Federation and local residents inform that loud noise made by military vehicles is moving back from Ukrainian border to the territory of RF. It can mean that they are relocating the vehicles and military personnel on the territory of Russia itself or they are taking part of military vehicles away from the Ukrainian border. As Zhuyvutskyi explained, it is the southern part of the border between the Sumy Region and RF.

Zhyvytskyi also said that the city of Shostka is holding the defense: there are block posts around the city that were organized and built by the City Council together with the National Guard of Ukraine. "There are our people there and Shostka is preparing to hold defense", - noted he.

The police of Sume Region are working normally. In order to maintain the order, prevent looting and to help the police there are also patrols from Territorial Defense Units.

Today in all the cities of the Sumy Region life support systems are functioning. Communal services are working. When it is possible in Konotop trem connection is working as well. Janitors are working. The work is going on.

"Today within the Sumy Region the movements of enemy's military vehicles are not as active as they were before. Around many settlements there are temporary military camps of the enemy. Volley fire systems are keeping their positions around the biggest cities of the Sumy Region", - informed the Head of Sumy regional Military-Civil Administration.

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