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Zhytomyr Region: the enemy fired missiles at Ovruch and Korosten, there are victims

Dozens of private houses were damaged, some of them are totally destroyed

Vira Kasiyan, news feed editorAt night of 6 March, the enemy carried out several air attacks at civil infrastructure in the citiesof Korosten and Ovruch in Zhytomyr region. Dozens of private houses were destroyed due toshell bombing. There are victims.“During the night of 5-6 March air warnings continued at the territory of Zhytomyr region.Enemy shell bombing fell on the houses of civilians in the city of Korosten. Several houses aretotally destroyed, a number of others have damaged walls, roofs, windows etc. There are victimsamong civilian population,” - regional police reported.

Photo:Consequences of missile attack at Korosten

According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, one person was killed and two wereinjured due to missile attack at civil infrastructure in Korosten. 10 private houses were destroyed,one house caught on fire.State Emergency Service officers rescued 5 children who were in the basement.Also at night of 6 March, shell bombing caused the explosion in the residential sector area inOvruch. According to preliminary data, as police reported, there are no victims.According the State Emergency Service, as a result of the missile attack at civil infrastructure inOvruch in Zhytomyr region 15 private residential houses were destroyed, 5 of them werecompletely destroyed. According to preliminary data, there are no victims and injured.

PhotoConsequences of shell bombing in OvruchCurrently, the blockages are being dismantled and communications are being restored.Operational Investigations Groups of local police departments are working at the scene. Theyrecord the consequences of enemy war crimes and provide necessary assistance to the people.In addition, reinforced patrols are working to prevent any theft from houses temporarilyabandoned by the residents of the region due to danger.

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