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Rakitskyy made a statement about Russia’s aggression

We do not need to be freed; leave us and our Ukraine!

Rakitskyy made a statement about Russia’s aggression

Former defender of Ukraine’s football team, Yaroslav Rakitskyy, who terminated his contract with the team from St.Petersburgh “Zenit”, published a post on Instagram. Former member of Ukrainian team from Dnipro addressed Russians: 

“The world is ruled by humanity; the world is ruled by kindness and love for one's Motherland, for one's Mother, for one's Children, for one's Family. 

I can not keep silent. It just hurts for the Motherland, for Ukraine! 

Peaceful civilian Ukrainians are dying because of Russian soldiers. 

We do not need to be freed! Leave us and our Ukraine! 

There is no point in proving the influence of propaganda and that Russia misinforms its people. You are not being told the truth. 

I wish kindness and peace to free-spirited Ukraine!”

Anatoliy Tumoschuk, who continues to work as an assistant to “Zenit’s” head coach, was denied all the state awards and football titles in Ukraine. He was also banned for life from conducting any activities related to football in Ukraine. 

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