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Enemy artillery continues shelling residential districts deliberately in Kharkiv

Humanitarian cargo is delivered around the city; people receive the necessities.

Enemy artillery continues shelling residential districts deliberately in Kharkiv

Enemy artillery continues to shell the residential districts in Kharkiv deliberately. Since the beginning of the full-scale war against Ukraine, Russia has ruined almost 600 high-rises, thousands of families are left without a roof over their heads, the National Police of Ukraine reports. 

“Although Kharkiv residents have to hide in the basements from the shellings, they do not lose the strength of spirit and faith in their defenders. Kharkiv police do not leave citizens alone in the face of trouble. Every day the law enforcement officers deliver humanitarian aid around the city and to the amalgamated communities in the region. People receive all the necessities: hot food, bread, warm clothes, medicine, hygiene products,” the police said. 

Police escort the transport during the evacuation and provide citizens with a safe route to the train station and other places where the refugees gather. 

The situation with crimes in the city is under control. There is a ruthless fight against looting. 

“Everyday, police uncover people who want to steal other people’s property. Since the beginning of the enemy's military invasion of Ukraine, Kharkiv police have detained more than 50 people for committing serious and property crimes," police added.

Yesterday a man and a nine-year-old child were killed by Russian shellings in Kharkiv. In the Izium region, five residents have died due to the shellings. 

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