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The enemy was stopped near Kyiv.

We must not allow them to cross the river in Irpin - reports the head of Region Military Administration.If Ukrainian troops manage to increase their forces, they will be able to liberate the Kyiv region.

The enemy was stopped near Kyiv.

The Russian troops were stopped in the Kyiv region, waiting for reserves.

We need to hold the enemy from the side of Buch and Hostomel that the enemy occupied and don't give them a chance of the offensive towards Kyiv. According to Liga, this was stated by the head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, Lieutenant General Oleksandr Pavliuk.

"The enemy is stopped; the enemy is looking for ways. But our Armed Forces are not waiting; they are also actively taking appropriate action, constantly shackling the enemy, constantly defeating. So parity is maintained," he said.

Pavliuk noted that the occupiers were waiting for reserves and Ukrainian forces. According to him, if the Ukrainian troops manage to increase their forces, they will be able to fulfil all the tasks - to liberate the Kyiv region.

The lieutenant general noted that Kyiv remains a big problem for the enemy - and the Russian troops will do everything to get to the capital. According to him, Bucha and Hostomel, the north-western suburbs of Kyiv, are still under occupation.

"We can't take any action there yet. We need to keep the enemy in his attempts to cross the Irpin River and go on the offensive in Kyiv," he said.

"The enemy's potential is depleted; ours is growing. It all depends on whether the enemy has the potential - this will continue the course of hostilities," Pavlyuk said.

The Russian occupiers have increased their aviation presence in Ukraine's airspace. In addition to using many unmanned aerial vehicles, the enemy uses bombers, assault and fighter aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles in various directions.

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