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Nikolenko: Belarus called employees of Ukrainian embassy in Minsk "spies"

The republic leaders made public the personal data of representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the SSU, and the SBGS, who worked at the embassy.

Nikolenko: Belarus called employees of Ukrainian embassy in Minsk "spies"
Photo: facebook Nikolenko

The Belarusian side has defined employees of the Ukrainian embassy in Minsk, who officially represent various departments of Ukraine as "spies." The employees represent the Ministry of Defense, the Security Service, and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The spokesman of the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine), Oleh Nikolenko, informed about it.

"Their personal data have been made public ... Regular unfriendly statements by Belarusian officials against Ukraine are making relations between our states more complicated," Nikolenko said.

He noted that the Ukrainian side reserves the "right to respond to such unfriendly actions of Belarus."

"We hope that the ultimate goal of this provocation is not to intensify anti-Ukrainian hysteria in Belarus to justify support for Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine," Nikolenko added.

The General Staff of UAF (Armed Forces of Ukraine) reported that out of 80 Russian aircraft raids that attacked Ukrainian cities and villages on 22 March 2022, 29 started on the airfields of Belarus. Therefore, the General Staff believes that the threat of an attack from Belarus in the Volyn direction is high.

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