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Russia chaotically mines the Ukrainian territories in the occupied regions - the General Staff

The aggressor is also considering encircling certain armed forces groups to issue new ultimatums during the negotiation process.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces reported that the aggressor country had disrupted all the terms of the offensive operation in Ukraine. Hence, it continues to destroy the infrastructure of Ukrainian settlements. Russia is also considering encircling certain Armed Forces groups to issue new ultimatums during the negotiation process.

"Russian occupiers do not stop artillery fire, missile and airstrikes, violating international humanitarian law. Russian deliberate destruction of urban infrastructure, chaotic mining and destruction of agricultural machinery threatens the beginning of the sowing campaign in some regions of Ukraine," said the General Staff.

In the Slobozhanskyy direction, in the city of Vovchansk, the occupying forces organized a phoney distribution of so-called "humanitarian aid". Residents could receive it after signing some papers. They had to have a Ukrainian passport with them.

The General Staff said that the enemy's actions have not changed in Volyn, Polissya, Sivershchyna and the Tavriya direction.

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region, the Russian occupation forces, due to problems with logistics, tried to replenish fuel supplies, taking it from farmers and residents of settlements.

"Despite this, the defence group continues its defensive operation against the invaders and inflicts heavy losses on the enemy ... Ukraine's defence forces continue to defend Ukraine both on the ground and in the air, gradually liberating it from the Russian occupiers," the UAF General Staff said.

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