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Five more MPs leave Opposition Platform-For Life party

On March 24, the pro-russian parliament party was reduced by 5 members.

Five more MPs leave Opposition Platform-For Life party

Five more members of parliament left pro-russian party Opposition Platform-For Life [OPFL].

Member of the parliament from party Golos [Voice] Yaroslav Zheleznyak tweeted: “Today OPFL has faced losses again. 5 members have left it: Valeriy Gnatenko, Igor Kisiliov, Olexander Lukashov, Volodymyr Moroz, Nataly Pryhodko.” 

On March 15, the Parliament canceled the mandate of the member of the OPFL party Illya Kiva. 

Four other members of OPFL (Igor Abramovich, Vadim Stolar, Tetyana Plachkova and Olexandr Feldman) wrote the application by themselves. On the level of the regional representatives, many party members are leaving the pro-russian OPFL. 

On March 14, in Kherson and Vinnytsia regions local OPFL branches were self-dismissed. 

On March 19, five members of the Kyivrada [Kyiv city council] left the OPFL party (Mykhailo Nakonechnyy, Yulia Ulasyk, Volodymyr Yalovyy, Olena Bukhalo). 

On March 25 the dismissal of the party itself is planned in Kyivrada. Due to the rules of the Parliament, to make the dismissal of OPFL party in the Parliament it has to have less than 15 members.

After the last elections to the Parliament, there were 43 members of parliament in OPFL.

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