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Mariupol evacuees: "We were breaking through, challenging our luck"

Starting from the 1st of March, Mariupol is under siege by the enemy.

Mariupol evacuees: "We were breaking through, challenging our luck"

YouTube-channel of the project named “Ukrainian Witness” streamed the new recording with residents evacuated from Mariupol. They were telling the challenges they faced to reach Zaporizhzhia.

The city of Mariupol is located in the Donetsk region and has been under siege since the 1st of March. Since the 3rd of March, there has been no electricity, water, gas, heating supply and no cell phone connection. It is not possible to deliver any goods, food, water, medicines to the city. It is the humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol.

“Mariupol as the city does not exist anymore, - tells the rescued woman. – It is bombed to pieces, everything is under the fire. Fire has caught the plants, buildings, and people have to hide in basements.”

To get some water you have to risk your life and run to the river under the constant shelling. Residents that are staying in the city have to eat dry bread backed from the only water and wheat on the open fire. All this forces them to try to leave the city.

“To stay there is even scarier than to leave it, - assures us the lady from Mariupol. – we were breaking through. We are either lucky or not.”

According to those who have escaped from Mariupol, people arranged convoys from their private cars to reach the secured areas together.

“Once we left the city, you felt relief, even some happiness, - told the resident about his feelings at that moment. – In Berdiyansk we were held for 1,5 hours, but they were not getting us out of the cars. We were treated good, as good as it was possible”.

Everyone who had left Mariupol was met in Zaporizhzhya by volunteers. At first, people are being registered, then receive some food and a place to take shower and rest. The dedicated facility (former kindergarten building) serves this purpose. And after that people decide whether they are going to stay in Zaporizhzhya or move further.

“Finally people were able to break through and reach us. We are waiting for everyone,”- assure the citizens of Zaporizhzhya.

Since the beginning of the russian invasion more than 45 thnd peaceful civilian residents of Mariupol have been evacuated, more than 100 thnd are remaining in danger. Occupiers destroy the city on purpose and they do not allow to evacuate civilians through the agreed humanitarian corridors. They are making it impossible to deliver any humanitarian aid into the city.

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The project Ukrainian Witness was launched by the creator of the Ukrainian army support fund “Return alive” Vitaliy Dainega.

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