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The Government Has Simplified Procedure for Importing Construction Goods from EU

Now it is enough to have only the manufacturer's declaration.

Construction of the Kherson Bridge Crossing Gen-k Ukratomenergobud.
Photo: facebook/Yuriy Gusiev
Construction of the Kherson Bridge Crossing Gen-k Ukratomenergobud.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has simplified the procedure for importing construction goods, which are now needed to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure due to Russian aggression.

This was reported in the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine.

"Now it will be possible to import construction goods manufactured in the EU into Ukraine using a simplified procedure - on the basis of documents (declarations of construction products) in accordance with EU legislation (Regulation (EU) 305/2011), regarding its quality, safety and environmental friendliness," the ministry explained.

Simplification of imports of construction products will allow to provide the construction market with the necessary materials and goods to restore damaged infrastructure, according to the Ministry of Regional Development. Products are also needed for the construction of fortifications, military and other defense facilities, civil defense facilities, industry, as well as buildings for permanent and temporary residence of internally relocated persons.

Earlier the government has expanded the list of critical imports that are important for Ukrainian farmers, as well as simplified the requirements for food imports and imports of humanitarian help (from 23 March, only a customs declaration is required).

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