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Ukraine will not sign any agreement that includes a Russian veto - Arakhamia

Otherwise, security guarantees will not have any sense, believed the head of the Ukrainian negotiations team.

Ukraine will not sign any agreement that includes a Russian veto - Arakhamia

Ukraine will not sign any agreement during the peace talks that includes a Russian veto, said the head of the Ukrainian negotiations team and the chief of the presidential fraction, Servant of the People, David Arakhamia, on television and his Telegram channel.

He added that the Russian veto is out of the question, especially regarding the mobilization of the guarantor states for defense and weapons supply to Ukraine. The security guarantees make no sense if Russia can override them.

"We're discussing the issue with them. They hear the reason now, for it can not be. So, we're discussing a different format: a peace treaty with Russia with security guarantees provided by other countries. Russia can't block such a process. It is laid out in the activation mechanism of the guarantees. I think, in the end, they will accept this proposition. Otherwise, we will not sign anything," he explained.

Arakhamia says that Ukraine wants to create "its own NATO."

"We want to create our own NATO. It is important that the most powerful NATO countries support us in case of aggression," said Arakhamia. 

Ukraine insists on signing a treaty with the Russian Federation and the guarantor countries that would have provisions for quick response in support of Ukraine in case of a new invasion, including the no-fly zone. 

Ukraine wants the NATO countries and the countries with a nuclear arsenal to be the guarantor. Negotiations with China are underway via diplomatic channels. Arakhsmia believes that the USA and Great Britain will be the last ones to join the guarantees when they see the readiness of other countries. 

So far, three countries have agreed to be guarantors: Turkey, Italy, and Germany (with the condition of the end of full-scale war.) 

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