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Russians take Ukrainian POWs to russia to torture them and extract information — SSU

The occupiers are surprised that despite the torture, it’s impossible to “peg” the Ukrainians. 

Russians take Ukrainian POWs to russia to torture them and extract information — SSU
Photo: EPA/UPG

Russian occupiers torture captured Ukrainian servicemen to “extract information”, the process become a mass and continues even on the territory of the russian federation.

This was reported by the Security Service of Ukraine and made public the intercepted conversations of the occupants.

“We caught two of them. Younger than us... We start pegging, no shit. We took one of them into the woods and questioned the other one. We shot him like we killed him. The other didn't say a fuckin' word! All right... We put a foot under the wheel, drove off, he fucking didn't say anything,” says the occupant, wondering at the strength of spirit of captured Ukrainians.

His interlocutress says that she also “has a lot to say, but she can't”. She calls torture a “method”, after which “the guys are sent to the hospital”.

“Your uncle comes to us periodically for the first method. He says: “No mercy! They were coming to kill”. Chicks came. I did, I broke my fingernails. And then the guys go to the hospital after their methods with broken legs and arms... Well, it's fun, so fun there. There's a story to tell,” admits a russian woman.

“We hope she won't have so much fun when she talks about everything at an international tribunal,” SSU stressed.

According to Ukrainian ombudsman Lyudmyla Denisova, russia wants to force Ukrainian POWs to donate blood for the injured occupants.

In the Zaporizhzhya region, the occupants brought a Ukrainian war prisoner to a local hospital. According to the RMA spokesman, the soldier was tortured and abused in such a way that he tried to cut his wrists. Doctors had to operate on the man at gunpoint.

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