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Last night 35 air strikes with civilian casualties at the Azovstal plant

The strikes caused fire in workshops.

Last night 35 air strikes with civilian casualties at the Azovstal plant

Last night 35 airstrikes were carried out at the Azovstal plant where Mariupol guards are staying.

The TV channel of the special-purpose Azov unit reported this.

The strikes resulted in the fire of one of the workshops.

Civilians suffered from the explosions and are now under the rubble.


Troops of "Azov" regiment provide first aid and make all possible efforts to release civilians from the rubble.

As Mariupol city mayor Petro Andryushchenko wrote, the "green corridor" for Azovstal turned out to be one more trap. Not only did the Russians continue shelling the plant's territory, but they also started shelling the exit corridor.

Andriy Biletskyy: "Mariupol is delaying the battle for Donbas for Ukraine".

"Actually, it looks like this –from an armoured car using loudspeakers they are offering to surrender for 10-15 minutes. After that, there is a short pause and the artillery start firing at the residential area where the exit corridor from Azovstal takes place. The photo shows the result of the "green corridor"," the statement said.

He released a photo showing the black smoke above the plant – the obvious result of the bombing.

"Taking into account that the plant was closed down in accordance with the technological norms, it could be the result of the use of overpowering anti-bunker bombs. Remember - any metal production facility is a highly risky environment, and even being stopped it can pose a hazard for everyone inside." Andriushchenko said.

We would like to remind you that Azovstal, where the Azov regiment, marines, law enforcers, frontiers and civilians, including wounded people, are besieged by the enemy. Nearly 1,000 civilians and 500 wounded servicemen are still there.

Last week, Major Serhiy Volina, commander of the 36th Marine Brigade, which together with the Azov regiment is fighting for Mariupol, appealed to the world leaders to apply the extraction procedure to save the soldiers of the Mariupol garrisons and civilians who found shelter at the plant.

On April 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Defence Minister Serhiy not to storm the industrial zone in Mariupol. At the same time, Putin ordered to block the territory of the Ukrainian city. He was quoted by the Russian media as saying that it was worth saving the lives of the occupiers and not to "go into the catacombs".

The same day the russians started dropping bombs on Azovstal. The enemy prevented the evacuation of the plant and offered to surrender. The russians continued bombing the plant on Easter Day..

The Defence Ministry's General Directorate of Intelligence said that chemical weapon could be used against the people at Azovstal to prevent anyone from getting out alive.

The Russians have already used unknown substances to attack Mariupol. On April 11, the Azov regiment reported that the Russian occupiers used an unidentified weapon against Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. It was dropped from a Russian drone. The origin of the substance is being investigated - it is difficult to do due to the city siege. The United States believes it could have been tear gas mixed with chemicals.

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