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More than 5,000 Ukrainian children forcibly deported to russia or occupied territories

A single information platform for finding children will start operating on 1 August.

More than 5,000 Ukrainian children forcibly deported to russia or occupied territories
Darya Herasymchuk
Photo: Facebook/UkraineMediaCenter

Some 5,100 Ukrainian children have been forcibly deported to russia or the occupied territories. However, the exact figure cannot be ascertained. A unified information platform for find the children will start working on 1 August, Darya Herasymchuk, the presidential adviser for children's rights and children's rehabilitation, has said at a briefing, according to an correspondent.

"As of this morning, more than 1,032 Ukrainian children have been affected by the full-scale invasion and armed aggression of the russian federation. According to official statistics, 353 children have been killed and more than 679 injured. Of course, we cannot count the exact number of casualties because the ruscists do not allow us to enter our territory so that we could find and count our dead children," she said.

According to her, the russian occupiers continue the forced deportation of Ukrainian children.

"In open sources, russian authorities are saying about 350,000 evacuated children. This is not an evacuation because under such conditions the children should be immediately returned to Ukraine. By all indications, the russian federation is not going to return them. So we are talking about the forced deportation Unfortunately, we cannot give the exact number of children deported with or without escort to the occupied territories, to russia... So we can neither deny nor confirm the figure of 350,000 children... The figure that we know for sure at the moment is 5,100 - the number of applications to the National Information Bureau. And it is increasing every day," added Herasymchuk.

The National Information Bureau forwards the lists to the Red Cross and international organizations for further search of forcibly deported children.

Herasymchuk also said that the single information platform Children of War will become operational on 1 August, where all information and statistics regarding children during hostilities will be updated daily.

As many as 46 Ukrainian children have already been brought home.

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