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Defence minister names four conditions for Ukraine to win war

He stressed that russia can be defeated on the battlefield - this has been proven by the Ukrainians.

Defence minister names four conditions for Ukraine to win war
Photo: Facebook/Oleksiy Reznikov

To end the war unleashed by russia against Ukrainians, four conditions must be met.

The first is the supply of weapons for the Ukrainian defenders, Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said in a speech during an event organised by the Atlantic Council.

Ukraine has proved that russia can be defeated on the battlefield. According to unofficial estimates, the occupiers' losses in the battles for Lysychansk and Severodonetsk are around 10,000-11,000 dead and more than 20,000 wounded.

Ukraine needs air defence assets, long-range weapons, anti-ship missiles, aircraft and armoured vehicles to mount a successful counter-offensive and throw the enemy out.

The second condition is to get rid of dependence on a terrorist country.

"The full-scale war has shown how dependent individual countries' elites are on russia. It is as if they have become victims of the Stockholm syndrome. It needs to be got rid of. Starting with destroying the russian web of disinformation, political influence. And up to refusing russian energy supplies. Then russia will not be able to press," he said.

The third is to deprive russia of resources so that it cannot be a threat. To do this, the sanctions regime should be strengthened and the possibility of circumventing restrictive measures should be eliminated.

"Therefore, it is crucial to recognize russia as a state sponsor of terrorism," Reznikov said.

Fourth, it is necessary to start a dialogue on the foundations of a new world order.

"President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has already pointed out one of the principles: the world must react to rule violations within 24 hours. Then aggression will not make sense. Also, we see that today the USA is again becoming a leader in the fight against terrorism, as it was after 09/11. It is indicative that russia is planning to stage an imitation of some kind of decision, a 'referendum', on the annexation of the seized Ukrainian territories on 11 September. Even at the level of symbols, the Kremlin associates itself with terrorists," the minister said.

Reznikov added that the Ramstein format initiated by Washington and moderated by US Secretary of State for Defence Lloyd Austin III is the image of the free world's response to the global terrorist threat. Fifty countries from all continents are already there.

"If we all want to live in a secure world, there is no other option than to stop terrorists. And bring them to justice through a special tribunal. Better to do it in Ukraine now than at the new Berlin Wall," he concluded.

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