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Ukrainian Air Force warns Russia may launch massive missile attack on 15-16 November

It is still accumulating what has been left of its depleting stock.

Russia may launch a massive missile strike on Ukraine on 15-16 November when the G20 summit will be held on Bali, the spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, Yuriy Ihnat, has told the national telethon, TSN reported.

"There are some events coming... and the G20 summit. They like to hold some provocations around such days," he said.

Ihnat also noted that although Russia continues to accumulate weapons, in particular missiles, it has significantly exhausted its reserves, and the production of even one missile "takes more than one day or two".

"Those missiles that they had before the full-scale invasion were made by them for years. They were stored, brought, deployed. This is a very complicated process of making a missile. It is not done in one or two days. By now, they have fired an incredible number of missiles at Ukraine and cannot afford to fire as often as on 10 October. They are accumulating something to strike at some point in time," he explained.

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