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Fifty to 120 people leave Kherson daily – military administration

People were returning when there was no power or gas supply, now they are leaving because of shelling.

Fifty to 120 people leave Kherson daily – military administration

In the first weeks after the de-occupation of Kherson, residents actively returned to the city, but after the shelling began, the tendency for the population to leave increased, the head of the Kherson city military administration, Halyna Luhova, has said at a briefing, reports.

"As of 24 February, 333,000 people lived in the Kherson territorial community. In the first two weeks after the de-occupation on 11 November, the number of people began to increase. Despite the fact that it was complete Armageddon, there was no electricity, gas, heat, water, sewage system, there were very terrible times, but people were returning," Luhova said.

On 11-13 November, there were about 85,000-100,000 people in Kherson. And as soon as the first shelling began, people started to leave.

"The more shelling, the greater the tendency for people to leave. Today about 50 to 100-120 people leave every day," she said.

On 19 December, Russian occupying troops shelled the centre of Kherson again. As a result, the building of the regional military administration was damaged.

After the Armed Forces of Ukraine expelled the Russian occupiers from Kherson, they continue to shell the city. In particular, yesterday two people were killed and four were injured as a result of shelling.

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