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Russia commits at least 80,000 war crimes in Ukraine

Head of the Presidential Office assured that Ukraine has a solution for punishing direct criminals and those responsible for the war.

Russia commits at least 80,000 war crimes in Ukraine

Russia has committed at least 80,000 war crimes in Ukraine. It must be punished for each one, Head of the Presidential Office Andriy Yermak said at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

"A huge number of civilians were killed, 453 children. Almost every liberated town or village shows us evidence of torture and summary executions. Hundreds of destroyed communities, destroyed infrastructure. They are not mentioned anywhere, in any resolutions," he said.

54,000 civilian buildings were destroyed by Russians, 280 educational institutions, 80 churches, and more than 300 hospitals.

Yermak added that the soldiers who came on Ukrainian land and the missile operators must first bear responsibility. But, besides that, it is necessary to punish high-ranking officials who committed the primary crime of aggression against Ukraine.

He assured that Ukraine has the answer on how to punish direct criminals and those responsible for the war. An international tribunal is needed to bring Russia's government to justice, as the International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction to do so.

Another option is for the United Nations Security Council to qualify the war as an act of international aggression and refer the case to the International Criminal Court. But Russia still has a veto in the Security Council. Yermak called for abolishing the rights of a terrorist state in the UN. He also stressed that international legislation is needed to confiscate Russian assets and direct them for compensation.

For months, Ukraine has been calling on the international community to establish an international tribunal that would make it possible to bring to justice the President of the Russian Federation and other officials responsible for the war.

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