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Ukraine guarantees long-range missiles not to hit Russian territory - Reznikov

The armed forces need missiles that can strike at a distance of 300 km.

Ukraine guarantees long-range missiles not to hit Russian territory - Reznikov
Photo: Ukrainian Defence Ministry

The Ukrainian Armed Forces need long-range missiles that will not allow the enemy to provide defence. Ukraine is ready to coordinate goals with its partners and is ready to provide guarantees that the missiles will not attack Russian territory, Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has said at a joint meeting of the Government of Ukraine and the European Commission.

"Ukraine's success on the battlefield is your success as well. We expect that this year will bring new opportunities... To win, we need to seize the strategic initiative," the minister said.

Reznikov called on partners to help with the installation of missile defence as soon as possible. He stressed that Ukraine needed Patriot and SAMP/T at the earliest possible opportunity, along with the delivery of new IRIS-T and NASAMS.

"If we had the ability to strike at a distance of 300 km, the Russian army would not be able to provide defence and would be forced to lose. Ukraine is ready to provide any guarantees that your weapons will not be involved in attacks on Russian territory. We have enough targets in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and are ready to coordinate targets with our partners," Reznikov said.

The minister also emphasized Ukraine's need for tanks and armoured vehicles and thanked the partners for the decision to supply them at the last Ramstein meeting. According to him, this will create an armoured fist to break through Russian defence.

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