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Interior Ministry starts forming Assault Guard brigades

The units will consist exclusively of volunteers.

Interior Ministry starts forming Assault Guard brigades
Photo: Interior Ministry

The Interior Ministry is forming assault brigades which can be joined by volunteers. These units are aimed specifically at strengthening the Defence Forces and liberating the occupied territories of Ukraine, the press service of the Interior Ministry has said.

"The decision to create assault brigades was made by our employees who have enough fury to beat the enemy. Many of our servicemen who have defended and are defending our country came up with the initiative to recruit people to such units. Therefore, it was decided that everyone who is willing, who is a patriot, who lost their homes or relatives because of the war, should be united in such brigades. We have already begun to form such units, which are aimed at liberating our territories and reaching the internationally recognized borders. This is our immediate goal," said acting Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko.

He added that the core of the units would include active police officers, border guards and National Guard members. The units will consist exclusively of volunteers.

A person who wants to join the Assault Guard can fill an application form on the website, where all the brigades that are being recruited are presented.

In doing so, one can choose the brigade in which he or she wants to serve, such as the National Police's Lyut (Fury) brigade, the State Border Guard Service's Steel Frontier brigade, or the six National Guard brigades.

You can also call the hotline to get advice and information. You can also submit an application through the Administrative Service Centres.

Currently, there are more than 140 recruitment centres across Ukraine, and their addresses are available on the website.

The candidate has to pass a military medical examination, a psychological and physical test. Upon successful completion, one is enrolled in the brigade of his choice.

Klymenko emphasized that all soldiers in these brigades will enjoy the same benefits as military and police officers. The fighters are also offered the opportunity to learn a profession at the Interior Ministry's educational institutions.

The training of the brigades will last several months. At first, there will be individual training, then as part of a unit, and when the commander realizes that the unit is ready, they will start performing combat missions.

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