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Shmyhal: "Ukraine has won the battle for electricity"

For 17 days in a row, there has been no deficit in the energy system.

Shmyhal: "Ukraine has won the battle for electricity"
Denys Shmyhal
Photo: Cabinet of Ministers

Ukraine has passed the most difficult period of the heating season, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said at a government meeting on 28 February.

"Today is the last day of winter, with a month and a half left until the end of the heating season. We can confidently say that we have gone through the most difficult period. We have withstood the Russian energy terror and ensured that Ukrainian homes stayed warm. Ukraine has won not only the battle for heat but also the battle for light," he said.

According to him, there has been no deficit in the power grid for 17 days in a row, and it is not expected to happen in the near future unless there is a massive missile attack.

In addition, Shmyhal emphasized that in the future the country will not only restore what has been lost, but will also modernize, decentralize and make the country's energy system safer.

Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko said recently that Ukraine would no longer have to ration electricity as all types of generation were in operation in the power system.

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