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Well-known Ukrainian historian Yuriy Kovalenko killed in combat

He signed a contract with the Ukrainian Armed Forces back in 2020.

Well-known Ukrainian historian Yuriy Kovalenko killed in combat
Photo: Novynarnia

Well-known Ukrainian historian and archaeologist Yuriy Kovalenko was killed in the war against the Russian occupying forces, the Hlukhiv National Reserve has reported.

According to the Novynarnia news website, Yuriy Kovalenko was 56 years old and graduated from the Kyiv National Shevchenko University with a degree in history. Since 1999, Kovalenko has worked at the Hlukhiv National Reserve.

Kovalenko explored the ruins of Baturyn, which was destroyed by the Moscow invaders in 1708, and found the location of the main church of the Hetman's capital, the Cathedral of the Life-Giving Trinity.

Kovalenko was the author of more than 70 scientific articles and headed the research department of the Hlukhiv National Reserve. In 2021, he defended his dissertation and became a candidate of historical sciences. At that time, he served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, having signed a contract in December 2020. In 2021, he took part in the battles for Avdiyivka and was awarded by the General Staff and the Commander of the Joint Forces.

In 2014, Kovalenko joined the Black Tulip humanitarian mission, searching for the bodies of fallen Ukrainian soldiers. In total, he recovered more than 150 bodies.

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