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Russians drop aerosol grenades on Ukrainian positions again

For some time, this aerosol destabilises people and they are unable to fight.

Russians have again dropped non-lethal aerosol grenades of the K-51 type from a drone near Vodyane, Donetsk Region, Oleksiy Dmytrashkovskyy, spokesman for the joint press centre of the Tavriya Defence Forces, has said on the air of the news telethon.

"A munition with a chemical substance was recorded in the area of Vodyane. Most likely, it is a K-51 munition," he said.

The Defence Forces stressed that this is not the first time Russians dropped this munition from unmanned aerial vehicles.

"We can't say that it causes harm, but it still destabilises people for some time and they are unable to conduct combat operations," Dmytrashkovskyy said.

Activists of the Cyber Resistance team hacked the mail of Russian blogger and UAV operator Mikhail Luchin. Luchin is known for showing how the Russian occupiers used chemical weapons against the Ukrainian military. The racist posted a video of a K-51 grenade being dropped from a drone on Ukrainian positions.

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