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NAPC adds Chinese corporation Xiaomi to list of international sponsors of war

The company is still the leader in smartphone sales in Russia.

NAPC adds Chinese corporation Xiaomi to list of international sponsors of war
Photo: EPA/UPG

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption has added Xiaomi Corporation (China) to the list of international war sponsors.

The NAPC pointed out that Xiaomi not only continued its work in Russia after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, but also remains a leader in smartphone sales.

"From 2018 to the present day, Xiaomi has ranked first by sales in online stores in Russia, and also has a large network of official authorised Mi Store retail stores across Russia. While the Russians were bombing peaceful Ukrainian cities, Xiaomi managed to increase its deliveries to Russia by 39% in the third quarter of 2022 compared to the previous one," the NAPC noted.

For example, the company doubled its market share last year. In July 2022, Xiaomi and its POCO sub-brand together held 42% of the Russian smartphone market, ranking first in terms of sales.

According to the NAPC, according to official data, in 2021, the Russian division of the Chinese corporation received revenue of $202 million.

"The Russian market is extremely important for this Chinese company, which is why Xiaomi has not even announced its plans to leave the Russian Federation, although it has not conducted marketing activities in Muscovy since the spring of 2022," the agency said.

Xiaomi is also actively recruiting staff for its Russian offices and has announced the official launch of its flagship smartphones. This indicates the company's intention to re-establish a full-fledged presence in Russia.

As reported earlier, 24,000 people have already been added to the list of war sponsors.

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