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Slovakia hands over nine more MiG fighter jets to Ukraine

The transfer is now complete.

Slovakia hands over nine more MiG fighter jets to Ukraine
Photo: Slovak Defence Ministry

Slovakia has already handed over all the 13 MiG fighter jets it was going to send to Ukraine. In March, Ukraine received four planes, followed now by the other nine, the Slovak Defence Ministry has said in a statement.

"This transfer was carried out by land in order to ensure the greatest possible safety, and again, many thanks to all the components involved, because in such cases it is a really important and complex logistical operation," Slovak Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad' said.

According to him, MiG-29 aircraft are a significant support for Ukraine in its defence against Russian military aggression and in protecting human lives.

"In addition, unlike our neighbour, these aircraft were unsuitable for us. We are doing the right thing," the minister said.

Slovakia agreed to hand over its MiGs to Ukraine after a similar decision by Poland. Some of the aircraft had technical problems. Nad' suggested that the malfunctions could have been deliberately caused by Russian technicians who had been present at the Sliač Air Base in Slovakia until last year.

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