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Top Rosneft executive faces charges for praising Putin, denying Ukraine's existence

The collaborator is from Vinnytsya. She received Russian citizenship in 2014.

Top Rosneft executive faces charges for praising Putin, denying Ukraine's existence
Photo: Security Service of Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBI) has collected evidence against collaborator Tatyana Grabovich (Tetyana Hrabovych), who is a member of the top management of Rosneft's head office and publicly supports Russia's armed aggression.

Previously, she lived in Vinnytsya and was an assistant to former Party of Regions MP Serhiy Kivalov. But in 2014, she moved to Moscow, where she received Russian citizenship and got a job in one of the departments of the Russian oil monopoly. There, she is responsible for Rosneft's funding of the Kremlin's propaganda projects aimed at spreading fakes about Ukraine.

On her Instagram profile with a million followers, she denies the existence of Ukraine and posts congratulations on the occasion of fake plebiscites in Ukraine's temporarily occupied territories. In addition, in December 2022, Grabovich presented her pseudo-historical book, in which she repeats the Kremlin's narratives about the alleged non-existence of Ukrainian statehood.

The SBU-initiated examinations confirmed that her publications are aimed at supporting Russia's armed aggression and "whitewashing" ita war crimes of the aggressor country.

Since the suspect is in Russia, comprehensive measures are being taken to bring her to justice for crimes against Ukraine. The investigation was conducted by SBU officers in Vinnytsya Region under the procedural supervision of the regional prosecutor's office.

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