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Ukraine's intelligence special forces land in Crimea

Defenders fired the occupiers. 

Ukraine's intelligence special forces land in Crimea
Illustrating photo
Photo: DIU

Stuhna and Bratstvo group operatives of the Timur special task force within Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate landed in Crimea. They inflicted fire damage on the occupiers, the directorate has said on Telegram.

"Crimea will be Ukrainian!" it added.

The video they published shows that the landing in Crimea was carried out by boat. "The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine has made another landing in Crimea, Crimea will be either Ukrainian or uninhabited," said one of the soldiers in the video.

The directorate's representative Andriy Yusov said in a comment to UP that after completing the task, the group retreated, taking losses.

"There was an engagement with the Russian invaders, there are many dead and wounded among the invaders' personnel. Unfortunately, there are losses among Ukrainian defenders too, which are still not commensurate with the Russian ones. The special operation aimed at the de-occupation of Crimea continues. We appeal to all residents of the peninsula to wait and help the Defence Forces in every way possible to recover the Ukrainian territories," he said.

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