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Ukrainian troops first hit new Russian howitzer 2S40 Floks - blogger

The Russians have recently announced that they are beginning to transfer this system to the Russian army.

For the first time, the Ukrainian military has hit a new Russian development, the 2S40 Floks howitzer, public figure, activist, volunteer Serhiy Sternenko tweeted on X.

"The other day, the Russians said that they were starting to transfer a new development to the army, SAU 2S40 Floks, which is both a mortar and an artillery system at the same time. And now Ocean's Twelve in Kherson Region have already hit it with a drone that you paid for!" the blogger wrote.

Sternenko added that the consequences of the strike are unknown – whether the installation was destroyed or damaged, as the range of the attack exceeds the range of available aerial reconnaissance assets.

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