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Gas price for households should reflect market, growth is not a given - Chernyshov

The winter tariffs will still be regulated by the state.

Gas price for households should reflect market, growth is not a given - Chernyshov
Oleksiy Chernyshov
Photo: Naftogaz

After the socio-economic situation stabilises, an energy market must come into operation in Ukraine, with gas prices for households reflecting the market situation, Naftogaz board chairman Oleksiy Chernyshov has said this in an interview with Ukrinform.

"My personal opinion is that the sooner we do it [introduce the energy market], the better it will be. We still have regulated tariffs and the moratorium [price cap] in place this winter. After that, we have to return to this conversation," he said.

Chernyshov added that the reform will not necessarily push up prices for consumers.

"Let's see how the situation in the country develops. Of course, we have to protect the population and protect cities, so it is premature to talk about this now. But if the socio-economic situation stabilises, we should implement this reform immediately. I would not say that this will necessarily lead to higher prices. I am talking about market prices. The price is such a thing that market prices can be lower," he explained.

He added that the state should protect vulnerable segments of the population. Today, they receive subsidies.

"The problem is that today, those who have to pay and can afford to pay market tariffs also pay regulated prices. That is, those who need subsidies will receive them one way or another, but those who do not have to pay the market price," he said.

In an interview with, Chernyshov said that by the beginning of winter, more than 16bn cu. m. of gas would have been accumulated in Ukrainian gas storage facilities. These reserves are absolutely enough to get the country through the winter with confidence.

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