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Ukraine suspends grain corridor due to threat of Russian fire - Barva Invest

Ship traffic to and from the corridor has been stopped.

Ukraine suspends grain corridor due to threat of Russian fire - Barva Invest
Photo: Facebook/Infrastructure Ministry

On 26 October, Ukraine suspended the use of the new Black Sea grain corridor due to the threat from Russian military aircraft, according to the consulting company Barva Invest.

On the evening of 25 October, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority issued a notice that the movement of ships to and from the corridor will be suspended from 26 October 2023.

"Such a suspension has been de facto in effect for the past two days due to the decision of the military, which referred to an 'explosion threat' resulting from increased Russian aviation activity," the company said in a statement.

According to Barva Invest, the suspension will be in effect on 26 October. However, it is likely to be extended.

The company suggested the suspension would affect the purchase price.

"We expect business to react badly to the lack of predictability. Those market participants who are currently paying out of pocket for downtime will take into account these risks and pass on additional costs down the supply chain when continuing to operate in Ukraine," Barva Invest predicts.

On Wednesday, Operational Command South Natalya Humenyuk said that the Russian military had stepped up the use of tactical aviation over the Black Sea in the area of the sea trade route. It is known that Russian aircraft have dropped four explosive devices.

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