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Defence Ministry approves dozen new weapons in 2024

The novelties include a demining system, a new version of the Leleka drone, and robotic systems.

Defence Ministry approves dozen new weapons in 2024
Leleka-100 reconnaissance UAV

During the first week of 2024, the Ministry of Defence codified and authorised the use of almost a dozen new models of domestically produced weapons and military equipment.

In particular, these include robotic systems, UAVs, engineering equipment, and an upgraded ATGM with new missiles, said Deputy Minister of Defence Lt-Gen Ivan Havrylyuk, Ekonomichna Pravda reports.

According to Havrylyuk, new developments are tested before codification. Once a product is codified, entrepreneurs and the Ministry of Defence can sign an agreement.

The new robotic systems include a ground-based robotic platform for remote mining with remote self-detonation and a ground-based robotic system for logistics. The Armed Forces will receive a new modification of the Leleka and two types of FPV drones with different payloads. Special attention was paid to the protection of drones from enemy electronic warfare.

A semi-mounted mine trawl for armoured combat vehicles on an automobile chassis has also been codified. In addition, the Armed Forces will receive a two-seater ATV with a carrying capacity of 800 kg and a separate tactical trailer.

State tests have been completed and the Shturm-SM mobile anti-tank missile system based on one of the armoured combat vehicles has been codified. Ukrainian missiles with various types of warheads were developed for the ATGM.

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