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US Senate supports bill with $60bn for Ukraine

The document provides $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. 

US Senate supports bill with $60bn for Ukraine

The US Senate has supported a bill that provides $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, $60 billion of which is for Ukraine. This was reported by Yevropeyska Pravda.

"The project, which combines funds for assistance to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and humanitarian aid, was voted for by the required 60 senators," the statement said.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal later explained that the bulk of the amount ($50 billion) was defence support.

"The rest of the aid will be given to direct budget support and other programmes that will help Ukraine remain economically sustainable," he said. 

  • The day before, the Senate voted to end debate on the text of the package bill, which includes funds to support Ukraine. However, before the vote, Donald Trump also spoke out against the continuation of US aid to other countries, except in the form of a loan.
  • It is not yet known whether Republicans will agree to support the bill in the House of Representatives, where they have a majority. Speaker Johnson has already showed his opposition to it. He believes that the border issue should be resolved first, and then help others.
  • The bill was created exclusively to help Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan without including the southern border issue after the failure of a larger bill in the Senate. 
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