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SBU: Russia fired over 20 North Korean missiles at Ukraine

These are ballistic missiles of the Hwasong-11 (KN-23/24) type. 

SBU: Russia fired over 20 North Korean missiles at Ukraine
Photo: SBU

The Security Service of Ukraine has documented the facts of Russian air attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine with the use of long-range weapons of North Korea. These are ballistic missiles of the Hwasong-11 (KN-23/24) type, which are manufactured in the DPRK. This was reported by the SBU press centre.

According to the investigation, Russian troops fired more than 20 North Korean missiles at Ukraine. At least 24 civilians were killed and over 100 civilians were seriously injured as a result of Russian strikes.

One of the first instances of the Russia's use of DPRK ballistic missiles was recorded

 on 30 December 2023 during the shelling of Zaporizhzhya.

The occupiers carried out another attack with North Korean missiles in early January this year on an apartment building in Kyiv. Four residents of the capital were killed in the attack, and more than 50 others are in serious condition.

In addition, the Russians hit residential buildings in five frontline villages in Donetsk Region with DPRK ballistic missiles, killing 17 civilians.

The invaders also fired North Korean missiles at private homes in Kharkiv, killing three civilians. More than 60 other Kharkiv residents were seriously injured.

Currently, all these facts are being documented by SBU investigators in the framework of criminal proceedings under two articles of the Criminal Code: Article 111-2 (aiding the aggressor state); Article 438 (violation of the laws and customs of war).

Comprehensive measures are being taken to establish all the circumstances of the crimes and bring those responsible to justice. Among other things, logistics routes for the supply of DPRK weapons to the territory of the Russian Federation are being established. 

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