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Bundestag votes to provide Ukraine with long-range weapons, but without Taurus

Ukraine will receive another military aid from Germany, but no one is talking about Taurus missiles.

Bundestag votes to provide Ukraine with long-range weapons, but without Taurus

The German government has voted in favour of a request from the ruling parties to provide military aid to Ukraine, but the Bundestag rejected the request to supply long-range Taurus missiles, according to Deutschlandfunk.

The relevant joint proposal of the ruling parties of the German government provides for the provision of additional long-range weapons systems to Ukraine, but the Taurus system is not on this list.

A total of 382 MPs voted in favour of the proposal of the government parties, 284 voted against, and two abstained.

During the debate, Defence Minister Boris Pistorius said that Ukraine could count on Germany's continued support. This is also evidenced by the recently signed security agreement between the two countries.

Pistorius did not answer an interim question from CDU MP Hardt about the delivery of the Taurus.

The motion that was passed reads: "Ukraine must continue to be able to attack military targets such as ammunition depots, supply routes and command posts far behind the front line and be able to protect its soldiers from attacks by the Russian military in the best possible way."

Parliamentary groups have different interpretations of what kind of long-range systems are meant in the adopted document, t-online writes.

The Greens and the Free Democrats suggested that Taurus was meant, while Gabriela Heinrich, deputy leader of the SPD parliamentary faction, said that the wording "does not necessarily mean Taurus".

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