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MPs pass bill on fair lobbying recommended by EU

The document lists the rights and obligations of lobbying entities and defines methods of influence.

MPs pass bill on fair lobbying recommended by EU
Photo: Parliament press service

The Ukrainian parliament has adopted the bill "On Fair Lobbying" (103337), according to MP Yevheniya Kravchuk. Now all the recommendations of the European Commission for further accession negotiations with Ukraine have been implemented.

"The recommendations from the European Commission's opinion on Ukraine of 8 November 2023 have been implemented," she said.

The bill had its first reading on 10 January.

The bill includes:

· lobbying terminology,

· rights and obligations of lobbying entities,

· methods of influence,

· rules of ethical behaviour of lobbying entities,

· establishment of the Transparency Register, which is kept and administered by the NACP;

· procedure for registration in the Transparency Register and exceptions to it,

· access to the Transparency Register (open and free of charge),

· reporting of the lobbying entity to be entered into the Transparency Register,

· mechanisms for controlling the activities of lobbying entities by monitoring compliance with lobbying legislation.

· The introduction of fair lobbying is part of the EU's requirements in the fight against oligarchy.

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