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Svyrydenko: "No one wants to come to power. No one wants to work in the Ministry of Economy today"

Svyrydenko: "No one wants to come to power. No one wants to work in the Ministry of Economy today"
Yuliya Svyrydenko
Photo: Oleh Pereverzev

First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Yuliya Svyrydenko reported a lack of people willing to come to the civil service, in particular to her ministry and the Ministry of Finance.

During the discussion "Reviving the Economy: What the State Should Do to Make It Grow" organised by and EFI Group at New Country, she said that not only does business have complaints against the government, but also vice versa. According to her, it is difficult to establish a dialogue with some representatives of the business community.

"I believe I am the biggest business advocate in the government. If the issue of booking is economic, I am a supporter of this story. The issues of reducing the pressure of law enforcement, deregulation, and simplification are my responsibility. But when business says that we are still dissatisfied, I would say that I have complaints too. Because no one wants to come to power. Nobody wants to work for the Ministry of Economy or the Ministry of Finance today. Because you are a lifelong PEP, children of PEPs. My child is a PEP, she doesn't know what it means yet. The second aspect is that you get pressure from business and the community regarding your activities, even if you are motivated

 by the purest thoughts, you want to help, deregulate, simplify, reduce pressure," she said.

Svyrydenko called on competent people to join the ministry, particularly as deputy ministers.

The law on PEPs (politically exposed persons) mentioned by Svyrydenko was one of the requirements of the IMF and the EU. The document establishes a lifetime status of a politically exposed person, not a three-year one. At the same time, it increases the responsibility of banks for unreasonable refusals to provide financial services to users. 

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