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Ukraine's air defence systems down only 30% of missiles, efficiency plummets - WSJ

"The Ukrainian Armed Forces need to hold on for about two months until ammunition and defence systems arrive.”

Over the past month, Ukraine's air defence forces have managed to shoot down only 30% of missiles launched by Russian troops.

This is stated in an article by The Wall Street Journal, Radio Liberty reports.

Over the past six months, Ukraine's air defence forces have shot down an average of 46% of missiles, while the previous six months saw a 73% efficiency rate, the WSJ has calculated based on data released by the Ukrainian Air Force Command.

As for drones, which are easier to destroy, the air defence system's effectiveness rate has decreased slightly - by only 1%, to 82% on average over the past six months. The Russian occupiers have increased the intensity of missile and drone strikes on Ukraine - by 45% in six months compared to the previous six months. Against this backdrop, the publication notes, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are running out of ammunition for Patriot systems, which are the best defence against such attacks.

According to sources in European military intelligence, the Ukrainian military needs to hold on for about two months until ammunition and defence systems arrive.

The New York Times also wrote that the Patriot air defence system promised by the German government would arrive in Ukraine in the best-case scenario in two months. As reported, 25 Patriot systems are needed to fully protect Ukrainian skies. 

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