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CCD: Russia spreads manipulations about absence of defensive borders in Kharkiv Region

Russia is trying to sow panic among Ukrainians.

CCD: Russia spreads manipulations about absence of defensive borders in Kharkiv Region

Russian propaganda is spreading manipulations about the absence of defensive borders in the Kharkiv Region in order to discredit the Ukrainian military leadership and sow panic among the civilian population.

This was reported by the Center for Countering Disinformation.

According to Andriy Kovalenko, head of the Centre, several reliable defence lines have been built in Kharkiv Region. He stressed that the defensive lines could not be built in the area where active hostilities are currently taking place, as this territory is in close proximity to the border and is being shelled by Russians.

"It is impossible to build defensive lines directly on the border with Russia. All the equipment and engineers would be destroyed by the Russians. There are defence lines in the Kharkiv Region, and they are several reliable lines. Soon, the authorised persons will tell us more about them," said the head of the Centre.

The Centre for Countering Disinformation emphasises that manipulations around the fortifications in Kharkiv Region are a continuation of Russian propaganda efforts to discredit the military leadership of Ukraine in order to provoke a split between local and central authorities, spread panic and cause a drop in morale among the Armed Forces. 

"The situation in the Kharkiv Region has significantly escalated, but currently the fighting is taking place exclusively in the border area, and the Ukrainian Defence Forces are doing everything to hold their defensive lines and positions," the CCD emphasises.

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