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"People are threatened with execution": Lubinets reacts to Russian war crimes in Kharkiv Region

Russians are holding people in the basement and threatening to shoot them.

"People are threatened with execution": Lubinets reacts to Russian war crimes in Kharkiv Region
Photo: Max Trebukhov

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets responded to the Russian atrocities in one of the communities of Kharkiv Region. Russians have taken civilians prisoner and are threatening them with execution.

The Ombudsman said on Telegram that he was already informing international organisations about Russian war crimes in the Kharkiv Region.

"Russians have reoccupied the territory of Kharkiv Region and are committing war crimes there. It became known that in Vovchansk the enemy is holding civilians in the basement. People are being threatened with extrajudicial execution and forced to perform forced labour," the statement said.

According to him, local residents who managed to evacuate say they were held in the basement for almost three days. Some people were lucky enough to escape, but other civilians remain there, held by Russians by force. 

The evacuees reported that their entire families and volunteers were held captive. They noted that they had heard stories from the occupiers about their intention to shoot civilians. 

"I would like to emphasise that such actions of the Russian military and their commanders, who give orders to detain civilians, are a direct violation of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. I will inform international organisations about these crimes and human rights violations by Russia!" Lubinets said.

The Ombudsman appealed to all citizens living near the area of active hostilities: "Do not wait for mercy from the Russian occupiers, evacuate! The government's hotline is currently working around the clock and free of charge: 0 800 339 291," Lubinets wrote.

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