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Scheduled power outages are possible until end of summer

A power shortage may occur during the period of NPP operations. 

Scheduled power outages are possible until end of summer

The situation in Ukraine's power system has improved as two nuclear power units have been repaired. However, the energy sector remains in a difficult position.

Following the recent Russian attacks, 8 gigawatts of manoeuvring capacity, mostly thermal power plants, were damaged. Artem Martynyuk, acting CEO of Ukrainian Distribution Networks, said this in a telethon. 

"Nuclear power plants are bearing the brunt of the load today," he said.

Of Ukraine's four nuclear power plants, one does not feed into the integrated power system - ZNPP. The other three need to be refuelled, so they will be shut down.

"Therefore, scheduled shutdowns are possible until the end of summer," Martynyuk warned. 

Peaks in load are covered by emergency assistance and electricity imports. Ukraine is not exporting electricity anywhere at the moment - fakes about exports are being spread by Russia, said the acting director general of Ukrainian Distribution Networks.

Ukraine currently imports up to 1.7 gigawatts from its neighbours. Negotiations are ongoing to increase the capacity of interstate crossings by 20%.

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