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DIU confirms destruction of Russian boats in Crimea

The special operation was conducted using Magura V5 maritime drones. 

DIU confirms destruction of Russian boats in Crimea
DIU strikes enemy fleet in Crimea
Photo: DIU

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine confirmed the destruction of two Russian boats in Crimea. The strike was carried out by the Group 13 special forces unit. The military used Ukrainian Magura V5 maritime drones. 

The successful special operation was made possible thanks to the support of the United24 global platform, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine said in a statement. Russians attempted to neutralise the attack drones on the approach to the Vuzka Bay, and for this purpose, the Russians took combat aircraft into the sky 32 times, including Su-27/30/35, MiG-29, Be-12, An-26 and Ka-27/29 and Mi-8 helicopters. 

They also chaotically used small arms and 30mm cannons.

"However, nothing prevented the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine's Special Forces from successfully completing the combat mission: the strike destroyed two Russian boats - according to preliminary data, high-speed amphibious transport and amphibious assault vessels KS-701 Tunets," the defenders said.

Since the beginning of the year alone, the Group 13 special unit has already destroyed Russian vessels using Magura V5 attack drones: the Ivanivets missile ship, the Caesar Kunikov large amphibious assault ship, the Sergey Kotov corvette, and the Mangust high-speed patrol boat. 

Magura V: what are these drones?

Magura V5 was developed for the Defence Ministry of Ukraine. It is equipped with two cameras, infrared optics, and a satellite module that transmits camera signals to the control centre. 

The engine can reach a speed of 45 nautical miles per hour. The cruising speed of 25 miles per hour provides a range of 250 miles. The warhead is located in the nose and weighs 250 kilograms. The warhead of the next generation of drones is even heavier. The new modification of the maritime drone also allows it to lay mines in the path of enemy ships and return to its home port. The United Kingdom and the United States played a significant role in the creation of the Ukrainian fleet of maritime strike drones. This cooperation resulted in significant losses for the terrorist Russia's fleet and the aggressor's displacement from the western part of the Black Sea. 

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