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Schuster allowed to work in Ukraine

The scandalous work permit revocation suspended.

Schuster allowed to work in Ukraine
Savik Shuster

Ukraine’s civil employment service has suspended a decision on the cancellation of the work permit for TV host Savik Shuster, the agency’s page on Facebook said.

This decision was taken upon Schuster’s written request to the agency’s cental office, the Acting Chairman of the State Employment Service Serhiy Kravchenko said.

"We suspend the decision on the revocation to look into the circumstances. Thus, today, the work permit of a Canadian citizen Shuster is valid pending the clarification of the circumstances," Kravchenko said.

Kyiv city employment center on 25 April revoked the permission for the employment of Canadian citizen Savik Shuster by LLC SavikShusterStudio as its chief executive officer.

The permission was withdrawn because the employment center found invalid the data in the documents submitted by the employer that claimed that Schuster was not a defendant in criminal proceedings in Ukraine. On April 22, the Employment State Service received a letter from the State Fiscal Service that criminal proceedings were underway against Schuster made on suspicion of major tax evasion.

Schuster described the ban to work in Ukraine as an attack on freedom of speech and declared a hunger strike.

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