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Moldova slaps duties on Ukrainian dairies, meat and cement

Trade barriers are due to soaring volumes of imports from Ukraine.

Moldova slaps duties on Ukrainian dairies, meat and cement

Moldova introduced a temporary import duties on Ukrainian dairy products, meat and cement, set quotas on their supply, the country’s state news agency Moldpres reported.

The decision was made by Moldova’s Cabinet on 27 April and will be in effect until the end of 2016. The duties will amount to 10-15%.

“By introducing customs duties, Moldovan authorities are trying to protect the domestic market from massive imports of Ukrainian milk and dairy products,” Moldpres says.

According to Moldova’s economy ministry, the amount of dairy products imported from Ukraine saw a significant growth in 2015. The import of sour milk, curdled milk, sour cream, yogurt and kefir hiked 1.5 times, while the import of cheese and sausages and similar products grew by 33 per cent and 14 times respectively.

Russia put an embargo on the import of all types of Ukrainian imports, which made Ukrainian exporters redirected their products towards other markets, in particular Moldova.

In the meantime, Ukraine's largest trading partners in 2015 were Russia, China, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Belarus, Italy, Hungary, Egypt and the United States.

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