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USA, Ukraine sign third 1bn-dollar loan guarantee

US Secretary of Commerce announced new financial assistance for Ukraine.

The USA will provide Ukraine a loan guarantee, which will be the third since the defection of Viktor Yanukovych, US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker said a joint briefing with President Petro Poroshenko on 3 June.

"[US] president, in cooperation with the Congress intends to take steps to release the third one billion loan guarantee for Ukraine in the coming months," said American official.

She said that prior to this certain conditions must be met, which she has discussed at the meeting with Poroshenko.

Last May, Ukraine attracted 1bn dollars US-guaranteed loan at a record-low interest rate 1.844% interest rate.

In May 2015, Ukraine floated the new issue of Eurobonds worth one billion dollars under the US guarantees. The annual interest rate was 1.847%.

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