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Parliament speaker fears escalation in Donbas soon

Speaker urges not to close the current session of parliament.

Parliament speaker fears escalation in Donbas soon
Photo: Photo: Max Trebukhov

Verkhovna Rada Chairman Andriy Parubiy says he expets the situation in the east of Ukraine may worsen in the coming months.

"According to information that I have, there is a high risk that in the next few months that the enemy may activate efforts on two fronts. It is to do with the upcoming elections in the US, which coincide with aspects of crisis in Europe," Parubiy told a briefing in Kyiv on 7 July.

"I have information that the Kremlin leadership plans to intensify actions in Ukraine during this period of time: militaristic attacks on the external front, and on the home front - a destabilization in Ukraine," he said.

In this connection, he stressed, it would be extremely important not to close the current session of the parliament of the 8th convocation, and to extend it until September 6, when the next session is slated to open. He reminded that such a decision has not yet collected the necessary number of votes.

Parubiy said he once again propose the people's deputies to extend the session until 6 September.

On 7 July, the Rada refused to cancel the plenary week of 12-15 July and extend the current session until 6 September. Parubiy's proposal was supported by 171 people's deputies against the minimum of 226 required.

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