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Deflation returns to Ukraine

Prices for food and clothing inch down.

June 2016 saw a decline in consumer prices (deflation) in Ukraine at 0.2% over May. Previously, Ukraine saw deflation in February (0.4%), the State Statistics Service figures released on 7 July indicate.

The Stats report a fall in prices for foodstuffs (by 0.6%), clothing (-2%) and recreation (-0.1%). At the same time, prices for alcohol (2%), cigarettes (3.1%), transport (1.2%) and the formation (1.1%) inched up.

The annual inflation (June on June last year) has slowed down to 6.9%.

Over the past six months in 2016, inflation made up 4.9%.

In 2015, prices soared 43.3% in Ukraine.

The official inflation forecast for 2016 is about 12%.

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