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Half of Ukrainians against giving special status to Donbas - poll

44.2% in support of a nationwide referendum on the status of temporarily occupied territories.

Half of Ukrainians are against granting a special status to Donbas, an opinion poll by the Razumkov Centre found.

In the September poll titled "The attitude of citizens to the situation in Donbas", 50% of respondents said they did not support granting of a special status to Donbas, while 22.7% were in favour of such an idea.

An overwhelming majority of the polled in the western and central regions, as well as a relative majority of the residents of the south spoke against the special status. In the east and Ukraine-controlled part of Donbas, the share of supporters and opponents of a special status was approximately equal.

Overall, 50.6% of respondents do not support holding elections in the occupied territories of Donbas before Ukrainian government reinstates full control in the region, and only 23.9% stated in support. This idea was supported by a majority of respondents in the west and center of the country, and by a relative majority in the southern regions. In the east of the country and Donbas, the difference in the number of supporters and opponents was within the statistical margin of error.

38,5% of the polled opposed an amnesty to members of separatist movements, who have not committed serious crimes , 34% were in favour.

42.1% of Ukrainians support the termination of all economic ties between Ukraine and the territories of the "DNR" and "LNR" (including social security payments, the supply of energy resources, coal procurement, etc.) before the reestablishment of Ukraine's control over the territories, 36 % opposed the idea.

The suggestion to recognize some territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions as temporarily occupied and the isolation of these areas pending reestablishment of control over these territories by Ukraine found the support of 42.9% of respondents, 31.4% stated against such a move.

44.2% of respondents are in favour of holding a national referendum on the status of the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions (against - 32.8%).

With regard to the assessment of the results of Minsk Agreements, 39.1% of the polled expressed dissatisfaction. The share of those who viewed the Minsk process positively was at 11.9%, and 21.1% were undecided.

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