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Radical Party: electoral system must curb bribery

"We're talking about preventing the passage of unscrupulous self-nominated candidates."

MP Ihor Popov (Radical Party) says the parliament should amend the electoral system in order to complicate electoral bribery.

He said this at a public consultation "Equal access to politics," hosted by Gorshenin Institute and organized by UA Center public organization and the Anna Yaroslavna Collegium think tank.

"We are not talking about how to promote good candidates, but rather how to prevent the passage of unprincipled candidates who call themselves self-nominated, and then provide services to any government on a barter basis," said Popov.

This is why Radical Party supports the transition to open lists at almost all cost, he stressed.

"The purpose of changing the electoral system is to complicate the bribery of candidates. We are unable to ban bribery altogether, but when we have created the law on local elections - and that was an achievement - we have complicated bribery, we have daunted the people who want to buy-sell seats, and helped beefing up the level of intraparty democracy in almost all parties," the lawmaker said.

He believes that under open list electoral system, odious candidate cannot run, because "parties would not be willing to lose reputation because of one person".

"Which can help can qualitatively improving the structure of the parliament," Popov concluded.

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