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When people talk about education reform, all they can see is 12-grade school

Deputy Education Minister Khobzey believes that this is a simplification of changes.

Deputy Minister of Education Pavlo Khobzey says he believes that the reform of secondary education, planned to be introduced in Ukraine does not boil to the implementation of 12-grade study period.

"When it comes to the law, everyone is talking only about the 12th year, and nothing else do not see the same thing about the elementary school:.. Everyone sees a red pen and pencil and everything This simplification changes," Khobzey said at a roundtable in Gorshenin Institute on 23 September.

The deputy minister believes the reform is about creation of an entirely new school.

"The society remembers the year 2000, when we were trying to build a new school. Unfortunately, we just have restored a Soviet school," said Khobzey.

Education Minister Lilyia Hrynevych on summer presented an education reform project envisaging 12 years of schooling. The reform implementation is to begin in 2018.

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